Nadjarina is an homage to the two greatest forces on this earth: women and nature. We believe that a woman aligned with her higher self, and the world around her, is unstoppable.


Nadjarina is designed for the modern renaissance woman, a force of a woman who is doing it all. Unapologetically defining and evolving the role of femininity for the future.

Nadjarina is designed for women, by women. From the workplace to date night to motherhood, and beyond, we understand the demands of our day, and what we need from our wardrobe to keep up with us. 

The aesthetic is a conversation within the juxtaposition and nuances of this new femininity, and the many roles we take throughout the day. We recognize the need for a wardrobe that empowers and inspires, while still maintaining an effortless sensibility. Something Nadjarina’s founder, Lindsey, felt was missing from the male-dominated lens of the fashion industry.

We see a wardrobe as a carefully curated gallery of your life and the memories that string it together; a visual biography of our lives. It’s time we begin to redefine that context and make it our own.


Conscious luxury is redefining luxury to be in harmonious alignment with our lifestyles, our personal values, and planet Earth. For Nadjarina, that is an application to our business practices through to the communities we build around Nadjarina.

Please visit our Conscious Luxury page to learn more about our brand mission for social and environmental sustainability.

Nadjarina founder Lindsey Mallon is a Rhode Island native and graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design. Her thesis collection was featured in industry-renowned V Magazine as a “designer to watch”.

After over a decade in the industry, Lindsey launched Nadjarina (named after her daughter) in Los Angeles, with a focus on her conscious luxury ethos, looking to create a brand that is as much a community of strong women, as it is a luxury brand.

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