Let’s start at the beginning

Why do we do what we do? We love luxury. All kinds. We wanted to share our passion by creating a highly curated luxury marketplace.

At luxd, we offer our customers authentic products, access to unique and special items and hard-to-find favorites with a shopping experience designed with luxury and convenience in mind.

We understand the frustration when you find your favorite brands being resold or in discount bins, or finding out they are fakes. We feel the same way 

Luxd was launched in 2021 with a team of passionate, talented people brought together by an idea that we all believed in

Our mission is to offer access to authentic product from the best luxury brands from around the world

We hate fakes. That’s why 100% of our products come directly from the brands

We love the thrill of the hunt. We give you access to products from deep inside designer archives.

We have made the journey simple and easy. Maybe have a little fun along the way

We don’t ever do second-hand. why buy someone else’s stuff when you can get the originals

No ugly, ungiftable packaging. Since all of our products are shipped directly from the brands the presentation is always beautiful.  

We have built in the best data protections and online payment security

Our goal is to be your go to source for authentic products from the best brands in the world

We’d love for you to join us on this journey

luxd - 100% authentic luxury products direct from the brands
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